Berlin, Germany


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God's Work.  God's Mission.  My Calling.

Nothing is more exciting than being involved in a place where God is already working.  It may not always be easy, but it is good.  For me, that place is Berlin, Germany.  As a home to over 3.5 million people and the destination of hundreds of thousands of refugees over the past few years, Berlin has both great need and opportunity for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  God has particularly given me a passion to reach the young people of this city, working as a student ministries director at Crossway International church.



Investing in Future Generations

At Crossway International Church, we are passionate about seeing young people grow in their relationship with Christ. Our programming and activities are designed to help youth learn who God is through the pages of Scripture, encounter Him in community with other believers, and live out the Gospel in their everyday lives.  We believe that God is using and will continue to use young people to change the world.  At Crossway Students, we are committed to training, encouraging, and equipping these future leaders.  We seek to have fun, dig deep into Scripture, and support each other as a community.



Preaching the Gospel  /  Making Disciples  /  Equipping Leaders



Who is Jesus?

While there are many good topics that could be taught on, we believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ must be front and center.  During our youth group meetings, we work hard to create a positive and encouraging environment where students at varying stages in their faith can discover who Jesus is.


Building the Foundation

Once a student understands who Jesus is and has declared Him Lord of their life, it is important to build a biblical foundation for life.  Our Bible studies are a great place for this to happen.  As we study through passages of Scripture, we encourage students to ask hard questions and wrestle through difficult topics.


Being Christ to the World

Over the past few years, thousands of refugees have moved to Berlin.  This, along with the fact that Berlin is home to people from every continent on earth, creates an incredible intercultural ministry opportunity.  Through our outreach efforts we seek to meet both people's physical and spiritual needs.



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